New services, new design and refer a friend

Introducing new services to help your business get online, a new modern design for our web hosting customers and earn commission on referrals. We can't wait to tell you all about 2.0

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Here's a snippet of what's changing

New services

Magic web hosting. That's right we don't provide just web hosting anymore, we're launching dedicated servers and VPS' - giving you more control of your website.

All new design

Updated design on all cPanel control pannels and WebMail. Giving you a better experience.

Refer a friend

Get 8% commission on every service someone has when you refer them using your unique link, get a a £5 signing up bonus too!

Startup & charity discount

Get 25% off web hosting and SSL certificates if you're a Startup business, or charity.

New Services

Dedicated Cloud Servers & VPS'

Managed UK Cloud VPS Hosting with SSD. Fast and stable cloud VPS platform with FREE backups for your website, applications and more!

You're in complete control over your Cloud VPS; we provide full root-level access to manage your virtual private server.

Deploy ultra-high performance production-ready cloud infrastructure; with 100% dedicated compute.

All new design

An entire new experience

We've upgraded every web hosting customer's cPanel and WebMail to an all new design. Making it easier for you to get to places you need to be, and featuring a completely new advanced search function.

A complete change

We've upgraded every web hosting customer to the new cPanel design. It's a huge upgrade from the old 90's style! It now features a more advanced search function so you can find what you're looking for straight away.

  • Speed improved by over 200%

  • Unique to your web design package, only see what you need to see

Automated SSL at a cost that doesn't touch the bank

Game changing automated SSL certificates

We now support AutoSSL, a free, automated service that installs SSL certificates on every single domain and subdomain in your web hosting account. Available in our Premium & Unlimited subscriptions.

  • Instant Setup, you don't need to touch it

  • Provided by cPanel Inc.

  • Secure unlimited domains and subdomains

Let's Encrypt

Even more free SSL certificates

We now provide Let's Encrypt SSL certificates to every web hosting customer. Secure any domain or subdomain on your account.

  • One-click install

  • Choose what domains you want to secure

  • Completely free

👋 Startups and Charities

Get 25% off all SSL certificates, and web hosting if you're a startup business or charity.

  • Must be a new customer
  • Must have fewer than 50 employees
  • Have less than £1 million in funding
  • Must be a registered charity in England and Wales
  • Must display "Powered by Magic WebDesigns" in the footer of your website

How to apply 🤔

It's a really simple process. Just fill in the application form below.


Organisation name
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Refer a friend

Earn 8% commission on all referrals

With the new Refer a Friend scheme, simply provide your unique URL with anyone, and you'll earn 8% commission on their services each time they renew them and pay the invoice.

Example: You refer a friend, who purchases Unlimited Web Hosting, each time they renew their service you will get £1.04 (if subscribed monthly).

  • No limit, earn as much as want

  • Personal dashboard, see a rough estimate of your income

  • Use the account credit towards any service

  • Refer 10 customers and get Unlimited Web Hosting free for a year!*

  • After 20 referrals you'll earn 15% commission.*

  • Get a £5 signing up bonus straight away

* Each person you refer, must purchase at least one service with the value of £3.99 per month, for at least one month. .